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Back in 2011, when I first started working with nonprofit organizations, I was fascinated. Every charity had a different cause, however, there was one thing that united them all – their board members’ determination to make a change, to bring positive impact, to encourage, to inspire, and to support their communities.

I’m fully aware of how hard it is to believe in your charitable cause and make it work. Not only you have to share the idea within your community, seeking funding, but you also need to find board members that will serve on Board with you and oversee the activities. Then, you realize that you need to get your 501c3 tax-exempt status with the IRS. Bummer... All you know is that it’s too expensive, and does not quite understand why you need it. Most companies that provide 501c3 tax-exempt status have lengthy questionnaires or are in a hurry to tell you how much it will cost. They have a standardized process and follow procedures.

As a tax-providing company, we at ZIK Taxes, LLC also have a standardized process. However, the difference is that we do care about your nonprofit company. We’d like to hear more about it and have a good understanding of your charitable activities. We do our due diligence and prepare the documents for you from start to finish until your 501c3 tax-exempt status is approved. We also answer tax questions and ensure you know how to keep your 501c3 tax-exempt status in compliance. Whether you’re creating a ministry, an educational organization, an animal shelter, supporting the needy, a booster club, etc., we are here to help you! Take action today! Make the phone call, and stop delaying your dream come true because you know it’s worth it, and nobody else can do a better job than you. It’s your nonprofit organization. It’s your charitable cause that will help others.


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